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Calvin KleinCK One Gold, the perfume of a new generation
CK One Gold, the perfume of a new generation
CK One Gold, the perfume of a new generation

An emblematic figure of minimalist fashion, Calvin Klein has based his success on very provocative advertising campaigns. Child of the Bronx, Calvin Klein, whose real name is Richer Klein, founded his fashion house in 1968 with the help of Barry Schwartz. He was the first couturier to see one of his jeans pictured in vogue in 1978. The following year, he launched “denim jeans”, one of his greatest hits. In 1995, Calvin Klein presented “CK”, a unisex fragrance that surfed the androgynous fashion of the time. In front of the immense success, many variations were carried out, like “CK One Gold”, released in 2016 .

The androgynous line of CK

The androgynous look of an essence came from a reflection of the designer. Looking at his own children, then teenagers, Calvin Klein realized that it was sometimes difficult to differentiate a feminine look from a masculine look, that one can be the other and vice versa. Since the mix of genres was the DNA of the 90s, then Calvin Klein came up with the idea of ​​unisex essences. “CK” intended for all individuals at the same time, was released in 1995 and became a worldwide success. “CK” currently remains the anti-conformist emblem of a whole generation. It was in 2016 that Calvin Klein presented a modern reinterpretation with “CK One Gold”. This one unveils an avant-garde and more luxurious look than its predecessor. If “CK One Gold” has kept the same values ​​as its predecessor, sharing and honesty,both casual and ultra refined . Of course, “CK One Gold” is suitable for both men and women.

The androgynous notes of CK One Gold, a perfect harmony

From the outset, “CK One Gold” displays perfect harmony between different facets. The top notes combine the freshness of bergamot, the very sweet aspect of fig as well as the aromatic and lively note of sage. The heart of “CK One Gold” evolves towards a floral and ultra luminous aspect, because it combines jasmine, neroli with violet flower. The trail is woody and sensual thanks to the presence of guaiac wood, vetiver and patchouli. The bottle is also very contemporary. It therefore takes the look of its predecessor by reappropriating it completely. The bottle of “CK One Gold”looks like a glass gourd inspired by a flask of Jamaican rum. This same flask is lacquered, half, with a golden and shiny lacquer, dripping on its surface. Its base, for its part, remains transparent, revealing its clarity. Regarding its cabochon, it looks like the screw cap of a simple water bottle. Everything is also reflected in the packaging, definitely in the luxury sector.

After the enormous success of “CK”, Calvin Klein’s unisex fragrance, the brand unveiled in 2016 an ultra contemporary reinterpretation “CK One Gold”. In the continuity of androgynous fashion, “CK One Gold” is the perfume of everyone.

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