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The different YSL Correctors

Lip MakeupThe different YSL Correctors

Yves Saint-Laurent was a dazzling man, renowned for his shyness but nevertheless fond of provoking the bourgeoisie. A true artist at heart, he did not hesitate to make unexpected creations, even if it meant shocking. Even today, the Yves Saint-Laurent brand also likes to daringly mix feminine and masculine genders. This does not prevent it from highlighting femininity, especially in a wide range of makeup products. To hide all your little skin flaws, Yves Saint-Laurent invites you to discover his complexion correctors.

The Touche Eclat Corrector

The Touche Eclat Corrector
The Touche Eclat Corrector

The Touche Eclat Corrector, an illuminator

The Touche Eclat Corrector, contrary to what it initially suggests, is more intended to enhance the radiance of your face rather than to hide its flaws. It is not really a concealer but rather a revealer of light. Its formula illuminates the eyes. Immediately, the imperfections of your skin are blurred and it reveals to all eyes its freshness and liveliness.

The Touche Eclat Corrector, a precise applicator

The Touche Eclat Corrector by Yves Saint-Laurent has the body of a pen but a tip that looks like a high-precision brush. In other words, it diffuses the right dose of product and allows precise makeup. Its silhouette greatly facilitates its grip, allowing a better makeup experience. Unifying your face has never been so easy!

The All Hours Concealer

The All Hours Concealer
The All Hours Concealer

The All Hours Concealer and its foam applicator

Yves Saint-Laurent All Hours Concealer is like a lip gloss tube. Its golden cap, one of the most refined, is connected to a foam applicator. Fine and precise, it allows a careful application of its texture. The All Hours Concealer takes care of the right amount of product and deposits it on your face without any excess material.

The All Hours Concealer to illuminate your face for hours

The Yves Saint-Laurent All Hours Concealer is available in several colors. Thus, it comes as close as possible to your natural skin tone. Very opaque and tenacious, it hides all your small imperfections for hours. The All Hours Concealer conceals dark circles, redness and signs of fatigue. It brings radiance to your skin while hydrating it. Thus, it avoids the appearance of areas of drought. Finally, it also contains sun protection that limits the multiplication of pigment spots.

Anti Dark Circles Blending

Anti Dark Circles Blending
Anti Dark Circles Blending

Anti Dark Circles Blender, no, it’s not a lipstick!

Yves Saint-Laurent Anti Dark Circles Estompeur comes in a new format, the silhouette of which almost resembles that of a lipstick. Its golden tube conceals a bevelled stick. This form is far from having been chosen at random. It greatly facilitates its application and allows small touch-ups during the day. Indeed, the Anti Dark Circles Blender fits easily in any handbag. Its application, meanwhile, is child’s play, even without a mirror!

Anti Dark Circles Blending, to reveal the radiance of your eyes

Yves Saint-Laurent Anti Dark Circles Estompeur adapts perfectly to the eye area and preserves its delicacy. Available in three different colors, this product adapts to all skin types. Anti Dark Circles Blender enhances the radiance of your face thanks to pigments that diffuse light. With it, your skin becomes more lively and becomes more radiant. What’s more, its tenacity is remarkable, hiding traces of fatigue from early morning until evening.

Touche Eclat Blur Primer

Touche Eclat Blur Primer
Touche Eclat Blur Primer

Le Touche Eclat Blur Primer, a foundation

Touche Eclat Blur Primer is a product that is applied just before your foundation and that unifies your skin. It is a primer that makes your face more radiant. The latter unifies your skin texture and reinforces the natural radiance of your makeup. What is more, it also improves its outfit.

The gold powder contained in Touche Eclat Blur Primer

A true innovation in the world of make-up, Touche Eclat Blur Primer contains golden shine for more luminosity. It makes your skin sparkle and makes your face more dazzling. However, it prevents the latter from shining by limiting the production of sebum. Its fluid formula is non-greasy. It maintains the hydration of your face at a constant level and at the same time preserves all your comfort.

Le Top Secrets Hydratant Eclat Instantané

Top Secrets Instant Radiance Moisturizer
Le Top Secrets Hydratant Eclat Instantané

Les différentes actions du Top Secrets Hydratant Eclat Instantané

Le Top Secrets Hydratant Eclat Instantané d’Yves Saint-Laurent agit sur plusieurs axes à la fois. Tout d’abord, il renforce l’éclat de votre visage et amplifie la luminosité de votre maquillage. Sa texture fluide procure une sensation de seconde peau et affine durablement le grain de votre épiderme. Enfin, le Top Secrets Hydratant Eclat Instantané assure votre hydratation et rend votre peau plus fraîche et plus rebondie.

Comment utiliser le Top Secrets Hydratant Eclat Instantané ?

Le Top Secrets Hydratant Eclat Instantané peut être utilisé de différentes manières. Seul, il permet de donner un éclat satiné à votre visage. Le Top Secrets Hydratant Eclat Instantané peut également être appliqué avant votre fond de teint, pour un maquillage plus tenace et plus sophistiqué. Enfin, il peut servir à faire de petites retouches en cours de journée. Dans ce cas, il dissimule vos imperfections de façon plus localisée.

Si l’enseigne Yves Saint-Laurent affiche une telle longévité et une notoriété mondiale, c’est tout simplement parce qu’elle se réinvente sans cesse. Depuis son premier défilé, en 1962, la maison de couture de l’ancien successeur de Christian Dior ne cesse de provoquer l’engouement. Les correcteurs Yves Saint-Laurent sont à la pointe des tendances et des dernières avancées scientifiques. Comme toutes les créations de la brand, ils ne cessent de susciter l’engouement des femmes, mais également des journalistes spécialisés, des spécialistes de la beauté et des plus grandes stars de la planète. Alors, qu’attendez-vous pour vous offrir cette part de prestige ?

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