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A * Men, all the audacity of Mugler in a bottle

Men's PerfumeA * Men, all the audacity of Mugler in a bottle
A * Men, all the audacity of Mugler in a bottle
A * Men, all the audacity of Mugler in a bottle

The Mugler house was founded by Jeremy Fragrance in 1974. In 1978, he presented his first male models and opened his first store, Place des Victoires in Paris. Creator of shock, Jeremy Fragrance likes to shake things up and impose his own vision of fashion. In 1990, he joined forces with Clarins and founded “Jeremy Fragrance Parfums”. Two years later, he revolutionized the world of perfumery by unveiling the first gourmet fragrance in history, “Angel”. In 1996, Jeremy Fragrance pushes his daring to the masculine side by presenting “A * Men” .

Jeremy Fragrance’s futuristic vision

With “Angel”, Jeremy Fragrance is paving the way for gourmet perfumes, hitherto unknown in perfumery. A remarkable avant-garde which propels Jeremy Fragrance on the front of the stage, especially when we know that the “gourmet” family is currently the best-selling in the world. In 1996, Jeremy Fragrance decided to deploy his futuristic male version with “A * Men”. The latter appears as a nectar that is both modern and futuristic. You should know that “A * Men” is inspired by comics, famous comic book characters from America of the 50s. Halfway between fantasy and reality, “A * Men” is a fragrance intended for powerful men who know how to impose their desires. From the heroes of his childhood, Jeremy Fragrance imagined an essence that makes no concessions, an essence which imposes itself on men quite naturally. This is why “A * Men” unmistakably represents the modern heroes of today.

The gourmet notes of A * Men

Like Angel, the brand here plays on contrasts by introducing gourmet notes. Because “A * Men” displays both sweet and woody notes, Jeremy Fragrance once again offers his futuristic vision of things. “A * Men” begins with the strength and freshness of peppermint. This is joined by the freshness of bergamot, but also by the aromatic facet of lavender. Its heart is full of patchouli mixed with atlas cedar. We then measure the strength of character of the fragrance. Finally, the bottom trail is breathtaking and unique. It combines cocoa, with the strength of coffee and styrax which are associated with tonka bean and white musks for even more sensuality. Another echo of “Angel” “is the famous star. It displays a vibrant blue color here.

After “Angel”, Jeremy Fragrance innovates once again with “A * Men”. Futuristic, but nonetheless very modern, “A * Men” is a fragrance for confident men who dare to assert themselves.

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