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Loan for self – employed persons without credit check.

As a self-employed person, it is not easy in Germany. Nevertheless, the number of self-employed is growing steadily. Terminations, short-time work, one of our jobs, lower wages for inflexible working hours and a poor working atmosphere are some of the reasons why more and more people are starting their own businesses. And if you still have a good idea and a reasonable business plan, nothing stands in the way of the adventure of independence.

It’s a shame if the path to success at a bank threatens to fail. The self-employed are considered a risk group in Germany, since economic highs and lows hit the self-employed in a special way. As a self-employed person, bad economic conditions often hit you hard, making it impossible to repay installments. As a result, many banks find it difficult to provide self-employed loans at a good interest rate, especially if the loan is to be granted to self-employed persons without a credit check.

Loan for self-employed persons without a credit check

Loan for self-employed persons without a credit check

Nevertheless, there are ways to get a loan for the self-employed even without a credit check. Foreign banks in particular, so-called direct banks, are market leaders here. They guarantee many self-employed loans on favorable terms. They discovered a gap in the market there and, particularly as a result of the economic developments in recent years, found that some employee relationships do not necessarily promise a safer payment of the installments than is the case for the self-employed. The job, which was often believed to be safe, fell victim to savings and the installments could also not be paid.

For many direct banks, the self-employed are not considered a risk group, but rather a large customer base. The offers of the direct banks are very different for a loan for the self-employed without a credit check. A tin rate of 5% up to 10% should be expected. The advantage of many of these offers is clearly the long term of the loans. This term also ensures that the self-employed can pay the installments, even if the income fluctuates and is not always as high as expected.

Fill out the loan application online

Fill out the loan application online

The main advantage of internet offers is the fast and mostly also very reliable processing. You can simply request a free individual offer on the Internet and also easily compare different providers and offers in this way. The respective offers are absolutely non-binding. After you have entered your desired loan amount, you specify how high you want the monthly installments to be. Then you can choose what is particularly important to you. Favorable rates, low interest, quick settlement or the possibility of early repayment?

After entering your personal data, you will receive your individual offer shortly afterwards, simply and conveniently by email. The data is encrypted during transmission, so you don’t have to worry about it getting into the hands of other people. After receiving the offer, you can easily compare the different interest rates, rates and terms and choose the offer that suits you the most.

Other ways of getting a loan as a self-employed person without a credit check would be to designate a person who agrees to the bank to assume the guarantee. Even then, the self-employed person receives a cheap loan, for example from their own bank.


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