Why Many Women Like Large Penises

Most men are driven by the desire to pleasure their significant other in bed. They believe that owning a large penis will aid them in doing this job. This statement could also mean that most women enjoy having sex with a man who’s penis is larger than average.

In the western culture much more emphasis in placed on the bigger, the better it is. Most people are always playing the keeping up with the Jones game. They end up buying bigger houses, bigger cars and eat larger amounts of food, so there is no surprise that women in the west expect their men to have bigger penises.

Many people question the significance of the size of a man penis and whether it truly matters.

While some women could careless about the size of a man penis, there are those who believe that having sex with a man who has a larger penis will bring them greater pleasure. Having a large penis can be a good thing, but you do not want to be too large as this may scare off many women and if you are too small you will find it difficult to satisfy your woman.

In such a case, what is important is getting your penis to the right size where in it’s larger than average but not to large, so as to scare women. Women like men who are well endowed and men like women who have bigger breasts. It is all a matter of bigger is always better.

It would almost seem that women who have larger breasts are considered more fertile and famine; and men who have larger penises are considered more fertile and masculine. All cultures will define masculinity and femininity based on there standards and as time passed, this definition will change.

In the western culture, bigger breast are desired by women and larger penises are sough after by men. By visiting a few on the porn sites you will see exactly what is being said in this article most depict men with an above average size penis having sex with women with above average size breast.