Do you suffer from Micro penis? If not then you have no problem. If your penis measures 5 to 7 inches when erect then stop worrying. This is the standard penis size. If your erect penis just manages a mere 3 inches then you need to pay attention. Much of the “small penis syndrome” experienced by most men affects them psychological. This can really do a number on your self esteem. The good news however is that there have been reports of successful penile elongations. You need to find out whether your penile size problem is due to prostate cancer, excessive weight, peyronie’s disease or genetics. If you were naturally born with a small junk then here is a solution for you.

How Do I Get A Bigger Junk?

There have been many penis enlargement ads all over the internet but only a handful of them work. Here are the safe ones that have shown positive results:

Losing Weight & Grooming: If you are overweight or keeping a forest down there then your penis appears small. You might be well endowed but your bear belly might bring in a different picture. Getting into a weight loss program is advised. This works in two ways. First losing belly and pubic fat leaves your manhood more pronounced by exposing the hidden part of the shaft. Shave off the large bush and your penis appears even longer. Secondly a weight loss program leaves you with the strength and energy to put your penis into good use. Let’s face it there is only one reason men want a big penis and it’s not the Olympics! To maintain your newly achieved length requires you to keep the fat from ever growing back. Liposuction can be a solution to those who want quick results.

Surgery: This basically involves disconnecting the scrotum partially to reveal more of the hidden shaft. The new procedure has proven to not only work but also low risk.

Milking: Also known as Jelqing, this ancient Arabian technique is all about squeezing and stroking in a milking motion. This pulling and release exercise should be repeated as often as possible. Do a few sets per session.

Talk to a medical practitioner about your case before trying anything for further professional advice.